Portfolio of limited edition prints to be given away this spring!

This spring I'll be giving away a colorful portfolio of 4 limited edition prints. 

Each print is roughly 22 x 30 inches & the value of the portfolio is over $1800. 

Simply sign my email list below for a chance to win and stay tuned for more information..

Making these prints have evolved over time to be an important part of my studio process.  I photograph details of the paintings I make, then spend copious amounts of time cropping, editing, and composing the small detail from the larger piece into a new composition altogether. I blow up the scale, adjust the color and look for new ways to utilize the spontaneity of my abstracts into a digital composition that echoes the texture and feel of painting.  My intention & hand is both present and removed at the same time in these digital works.  

Three prints, "Iris, (March 31, 2014 detail 1)," "Swimming Pool," & "Plastic Spring" hanging on the wall in my studio.